An ERP Solutions for Apparel Industry

KANDAREE™ is an integrated total ERP Solution with embedded expert Knowledge level. This platform is on Continuous up Gradation. It’s unique and customizable features manages The Entire Business Process flawlessly.


Human Resources Management

KORMEE™ is a fully integrated, modular, flexible and customizable solution, bringing you a tailor-made software platform for all your HR processes. It provides your manager and employees instant access to relevant information and HR activities. Appropriate access rights are defined in the administrative part of the application, in order to prevent any privacy breach or security conflicts.

Kandaree BH


KANDAREE Buying House – An ERP Solutions for Buying House

An ERP Solutionfor Buying House Business, which helps Entrepreneurs & Staff stay in touch with forces that drive the business.



An ERP Solutions for Textile Industry

KANDAREE Textile Software is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. The textile and apparel industry is different from other manufacturing industries in a number of important respects. KANDAREE Textile is an integrated solution that covers the entire process of a Textile Industry..

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Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing (OUSHODHEE)

OUSHODHEE is a comprehensive ERP solution designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. Leading pharmaceuticals may leveraging OUSHODHEE to improve operational efficiency, increase employee productivity, and respond to market demands with agility. A Complete ERP Solution for Pharmaceutical Industry integrated with Financial Accounting. It helps medical officers to build relationships with the key contacts and follow-ups made with doctors, chemists, stockiest, distributors and pharmacies. Fast, easy to use and maintain this software enables instant mobile access to view updated data by the medical representatives. These thereby empowering teams to increase profitability through better customer relationship management


VAT Solution

HRITEE is a full-fledged VAT management software for any kind of business vertical. It covers Manufacturing, Service business, Trading, Import & Export and Banking service. Retail Operations, including POS, is also covered by HRITEE. Our application generates all Mushak as needed by VAT Act 1991 and VAT & SD Act 2012. HRITEE is capable of integrating third party application for source information to avoid duplicate entry. Apart from providing complete VAT return facilities, HRITEE also generates management reports which would create value for any business. HRITEE offers mobile BI for top management for monitoring critical operation and governance.



KANDAREE  EFA –  A Smart Analytical Tool for Banks, specializing in RMG sector Trade Finance

KANDAREE EFA (Export Finance Analytics)  works as add on application to the core banking solution, primarily for handling and managing export related data and MIS (including but not limited to BBLCs, EDF, LCs, Export Bills, Export Finances, Subsidies, reporting, MIS and certificates etc.). EFA addresses critical localized requirements in relation to Back‐to‐Back L/C operation and management.

SPA Busniss One

SAP Business One

The SAP® Business One application offers an affordable way to manage your entire business – from accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer relationships, and project management, to operations and human resources. SAP Business One helps you to streamline processes, gain a greater insight into your business, so that you can act fast and make decisions based on real time information, to help you drive profitable growth. A single view of your business to help you stay in control We understand that businesses like yours have big dreams and big goals, and as your business grows it can be difficult to get a single view of what is happening at any given time, when information resides in different applications or even locations. SAP Business One is designed for small and midsized companies to grow with you, it is flexible, modular, yet powerful and with its user-friendly interface, it is simple to use.

Mobile APP

Mobile APPs

This app is the smart way to access and interact with the club from the palm of your hand. A Mobile App that keeps the Members in touch with club and it’s activities. It offers all communication from Club to Members and Members to Members. Club Mate is a single point contact with club for Communication, Facilities, Events, Club Info, Affiliations and many more.

Club Mate App is applicable for Android & iOS device for Club Members to interact with his/her club .The club will access to web application portal to Operate, Manage & Update all data online. All members will have a mobile app in their respective mobile phone. Each member can create four sub users (e.g. Spouse/Children).



A Visual Production Monitoring System




ERP for Real Estate Business

SHOILEE acts as an integrated solution for the real estate business by combining costing, subcontracting, billing, accounting, inventory, construction, quality control, marketing and credit realization.



PoriChitee is an Advanced Bio-metric Identification service to facilitate in protecting your Industry from employing Workers with Doubtful Identity.



Sales and Distribution ERP

Shancharee is an integrated solution comprising of marketing and sales activities. Organization can act immediately to improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness by using this module. Our Sales Management module is all about retaining customers, improving customer loyalty, save money and gaining customer insight.




Since 1997 CslSoft has emerged as the leading software solution vendor in the financial management field with its flagship Accounting solution branded as Dheeraj™. It has already been successfully implemented both at home and abroad.