An ERP Solutions for Apparel Industry

KANDAREE Apparel is an integrated solution that covers the entire process of an apparel manufacturing unit. From price quotation to actual shipment and its proceeds realization, KANDAREE manages the entire business process of the company. KANDAREE Apparel is an integrated solution which means that data entered from one department of the company is shared with everyone else in the company. In fact, no data is required to be entered twice in the system. KANDAREE Apparel collects data from the actual business process execution and not through any data entry operation. This provides authenticity of the data as well as internal process control at operation point of the process.

Basic Modules of KANDAREE Apparel

Bill of Materials (BOM):

  • Pre-Costing Details by Costing Head: Know instantly how your quote is broken down by different Costing Heads – Fabric, Trims, CM, etc. This way, you will always know how you are affected by market price fluctuations of raw materials.
  • Revenue Generation: Revenue Generation over the years by Style Category.
  • Profit Margin Pattern: Profit Margin Pattern over time by Style Category.
  • Material Requirement: Material Requirement by Order (Style).
  • Status of Material: Status of Material by Order Requirement, Booked and In House: No last minute surprises. Know ahead of time where you stand in terms on Material Availability for Production Start.
  • Revenue and Profit Pattern by Buyer: Know which Buyers are more profitable for you so that you can focus on future Marketing Activity accordingly.
  • Available Production Capacity: Available Production Capacity for future Seasons: Be proactive and offer Capacity to your Profitable Buyers ahead of Time. There will no longer be the risk of over committing; at the same time, any potential under capacity will be known ahead of time.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Improve your operational efficiency by working in a more structured manner through the KANDAREE ERP System. Instant information sharing among concerned people greatly increases productivity and leads to increased efficiency in Order handling and management.
  • Independent Information: Merchants no longer need to chase interdepartmental personnel for accurate information for Order follow up. All related information is now readily available in the System and is simply a click away.
  • Maintaining the Routine tasks: Leave the routine tasks and checks on the System so that you can focus on more Creative Avenues on the Marketing side.
  • Knowledge-Bank Draw from the Knowledge-Bank that the System builds up based on the Periodic Order Progress meetings. For any new Order, you can now check what critical problems were faced for similar Orders earlier and how they were resolved.

Sample Management:

  • Merchants can know instantly the status of Sample production through the System.
  • The Sample Material availability is transparent to all concerned personnel. Sample Makers no longer need to chase Merchants to find out the ETA of materials.
  • Individual Tag IDs allow Merchants to track and find the entire history of any Sample produced in the Organization. This allows the Merchant to quickly address any Buyer inquiries about submitted Samples.
  • Sample Room can make realistic Sample Production Load based on Material ETA and Sample Deadline. This enables them to give more realistic commitment to the Merchants.
  • All Buyer Feedback and Reworks are recorded in the System.
  • Compiled Sample Feedback for different Sample Types highlights the potential critical areas with possible solutions to the Production Managers when they go for bulk production.
  • Get Cost and Productivity (SAM) feedback from Sample Room regarding the Style. This helps Merchants


  • Order booking and Order Booking adjust with Confirm PO
  • Documents bank
  • Initial Pre-costing and Revision wise Pre-costing
  • Buyer and Inhouse mode Pre-costing
  • Size wise Pre-costing
  • Dynamic costing Group
  • Knitting and Dyeing cost breakdown
  • Color and size wise item consumption
  • Item wise user approvals
  • Buyer, Designated and Preferred supplier item define
  • Color and size wise export PO breakdown
  • Manage Set Order
  • Destination, Color and size wise auto BOM (Bill of Material)  generation
  • Category wise budgeting
  • Five stage approval layer
  • Cost Center wise Materials Status
  • Company, Buyer, Department and User wise merchandising group
  • Auto E-mail notification

Sample Management

  • Buyer, Style, Color and Size wise sample requisition
  • Sample production request
  • Material Requirements
  • Material requirements wise purchase
  • Production request wise plan
  • Internal QC
  • Buyers feedback
  • Sample rework
  • E-mail notification

TnA (Time and Action)

  • Cost Center based task (example – Style, PO, PR,)
  • Lead time wise task template
  • Task wise traffic light facility
  • TnA mobile apps
  • User wise task assignee
  • Easy follow-up of the user assignee task
  • Direct call to task assignee user and supervisor
  • Auto E-mail notification today and overdue task.
  • To do list


  • Purchasing within budget
  • BOM (Bill of Material) based purchase
  • Handles MOQ (minimum order quantity)
  • Revise Supplier Purchase Order
  • Documents Bank for supplier PI
  • Cost Center wise purchase
  • Buyer, Designated and Preferred supplier item handles
  • Service Work Order
  • Inhouse Fabric Work Order
  • Department wise Requisition
  • Requisition based purchase
  • Item Allocated to Purchaser
  • Handles IOU (I Owe You)
  • Controlling landed cost
  • Company, Buyer, Department, User and Item Group wise Procurement Team


  • Like Fast React
  • Can have Real Time Material View.
  • Impact Leaning Curve [Product Wise
  • Handles Product Wise Efficiency
  • Up and Down Process Loading.
  • No User Restriction.
  • No Date Restriction.
  • Handles Projected Qty.
  • Handles Utilization of Critical Resources.
  • Handles Changed EPO Qty.
  • Line/Unit wise Calendar preparation
  • Material stock update from Planning board. (Material status from planning board)
  • Order Booking wise line capacity occupy
  • Specific Sample sewing line


  • Maintain Sales Contact
  • Manage Group LC
  • Integrated with EFA Software (Export Financial Analytics) – EBL, DBL.
  • Integrated way auto data follow at accounting module
  • Manage TT/DD receive and payment
  • Charges, Commission and deduction can handle
  • Sales Contact conversion to Master LC
  • Amendments Facility in both export and import
  • Import limit maintain and group LC increase the import limit.
  • BBLC opening facility and opening letter generate form system
  • Bill of exchange documentation
  • Color and size wise export invoice
  • Other document related facility


  • Maintain Rack Bin
  • Item nature wise inventory facilities
  • Integrated way auto data follow at accounting module
  • Dynamic General inventory systems.
  • Real time material status of Inventory.
  • Maintain self-life item.
  • Chemical loan inward/outward
  • Band, Lot wise transection layer (example – yarn item)
  • Costing method can use (example – Wreathed Average)
  • Multiple location
  • Virtual location
  • Location wise Transfer In/Out
  • Cost Center Transfer
  • BOM wise Item Issue
  • Dynamic QC parameter
  • Item serialize
  • Capital item
  • Item Allocation
  • Various type of report facility (example – item stock, item ledger, GRN, SR etc.)