Human Resources Management

KORMEE™ is a fully integrated, modular, flexible and customizable solution, bringing you a tailor-made software platform for all your HR processes. It provides your manager and employees instant access to relevant information and HR activities. Appropriate access rights are defined in the administrative part of the application, in order to prevent any privacy breach or security conflicts.

There was a time when businesses and organizations hired people to fill vacant positions. Aside from trying to match skill sets with skill needs, employers gave scant thought to how each employee contributed to the organization’s high-level strategic objectives. Today’s “do more with less” paradox mandates that you extract the highest possible value from your work force. That is why, more than ever, KORMEE™ makes so much sense. With KORMEE™, an organization is positioned to optimize their human capital in many different ways, from consistently hiring the most qualified candidates to retaining the best and brightest employees. KORMEE™ incorporates a comprehensive set of HR administration, benefits management, training, recruiting, and employee self-service features that lower costs, reduce administrative time, and empower employees. KORMEE™’s modular design lets you choose the solution that is right for the needs of your company.

KORMEE™ Modules

PIMS (Personal Information Management System): This module covers the following:

  • Employee Basic Information: The core module maintains all relevant employee related information, including different types of personal information, employee picture and signature, expatriate information, detailed qualifications and work experience; job related information, utility information etc. are also included here. Information captured in this module is utilized by other modules, thus eliminating data redundancy.
  • User Defined Info: It is possible to create user defined fields for your specific needs.
  • Admin Services: It is a part of the system where the HR Manager or other appointed personnel perform all system administrative tasks.
  • Employee Life Cycle: Facilitates easy and comprehensive management of changes in employee movements within the organization, includes user friendly application and approval of transfer, promotions, job confirmation, increment, separation etc.
  • Disciplinary: It covers all disciplinary actions taken with regards to employees with details.

Attendance Management: This module includes the following components:

  • Time and Attendance: It has flexibility for managing shift and roster with the ability to monitor employees’ attendance. KORMEE™ supports all phases of roster management from shift definition through employees` assignment to scheduling. It has the capability to capture information from any electronic attendance tracking device, which enables effective monitoring of attendance and overtime management with payroll module. Leave Management: It is a comprehensive leave management and administrative module, with extensive possibilities of defining leave types, holiday schedule and other information. The system is able to display information on leave entitlement, balance, history etc. Shift Management: It is an important feature that can handle multiple shifts including automatic shift roster according to shifting rules of the company.

Payroll Management: This module includes the following components:

  • Payroll: The module provides a complex payroll management solution. It is designed to integrate with any other attendance-capturing device, with multiple devices connected to a central system. You will use this module to generate pay-slip, view reports, handle increments, overtime, income-tax etc.
  • Piece rate Salary: System calculates wages and incentive based on employee wise production data. Provident Fund: Provident fund contribution deduction process is available. Other Allowance: It is possible to define other allowances based on organization policy, i.e., transport, lunch allowance etc.

Loan and advance Management: Another powerful feature is to manage the process related with loan and advance including payment reschedule and reimbursement in an efficient manner.

Income Tax Management: This module will help HR and Accounts people to ease the calculation of Employees income taxes based on tax rule and policy.

Bonus Management: This module can manage complex bonus process, including defining rule, approval and payment procedures. It is also capable of defining various bonus types, different ways of calculating bonus and other features.

Training Management: A comprehensive module to manage training related activities. The administration part includes the definition of training types, course info, instates, resources persons, scheduling and estimated costs.

Add-On Modules

Online Self-Service Module

  • Self Service Module helps in reducing paperwork and improving employee satisfaction by faster processing of various HR formalities.
  • It also helps in reducing unnecessary calls to HR department. Online Self-Service Module provides a Web-based interface that enables employees to view their profile in the company including General information, Attendance information, Salary information, Income tax details, Loan status, Leave balance, PF status, and much more.
  • Employees are able to view & print the required reports as per given permission. There is e-mailing facility by which employees are able to send emails to HR department regarding any kind of query through Self-Service Module.

Online Leave Management: Online Leave management system is an Employees Electronic Leave Management Service with real time leave applications and approvals through the use of web forms for effective leave management.

  • Allows employees to apply for leave online.
  • Allows managers and supervisors to approve or reject employee’s leave request from anywhere around the world via the web, thus saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Employees can get up-to-date information of leave status.
  • Provides leave scheduling & application, authorization or rejection, and leave cancellation for both full and half-day leaves.
  • Email notification of leave application & approval/rejection to subordinates & supervisors.
  • Simple & easy to use system that eliminates paper work and saves time and money.

Online Provident Fund Management:

  • A comprehensive solution to automate a complete life cycle of PF transactions like detection of contribution, investments, profit calculation/allocation to members etc.
  • This module is integrated software taking care of total Business Management of PF Trusts. PF module has built-in several security features towards risk Management.
  • It has the facility to eliminate data entry on subscription, loan repayment and avoiding the chances of reconciliation and mismatch. Other features are multi location companies, PF Subscriber Information, Subscription Accounting, Benefit Disbursal, Loan Management, Trust Accounting and Investments Management.
  • Administration module has the system control, menu control and other functional controls and facility to obtain custom reports according to the Trust’s requirements.

Online Performance Appraisal Management: CRA and KPI based Performance Appraisal Management that includes Appraisal Cycle, Employee Appraisal, Configure, Goal Settings and more. It streamlines, improves and automates the complete performance management process.

Manpower Planning Management: In addition to the traditional hierarchy with definition of divisions, departments and other specific units, this module lets you define a grade wise hierarchy, as well as reporting hierarchy, detailing direct and indirect reporting relations between specific employees and supervisors. Extensive displaying capabilities and options are another helpful feature. It is the basis to facilitate planning your manpower. It takes into consideration such manpower movements like recruitments, transfers, promotions etc. Plans can be defined in a variety of ways, with regards to timing and scope, which can be company-wise, division-wise or other.


Features of KORMEE™

  • More than 250 Clients
  • Complete HR & Payroll solution established from 1997
  • KORMEE is used by top manufacture company
  • Maintain 100% buyer compliance
  • Unlimited Configurable policy facilities
  • Query manager for Reporting
  • Internationally awarded by CIO Adviser, USA
  • In depth (20 Years) experience in RMG industry
  • KORMEE user will get more facilities to get new job.
  • 7 Lac Pay Slip per month generated from our Software
  • KORMEE is used by India, Cambodia, Srilanka, Jordan, Ethiopia, Egypt and Vietnam
  • Employees joining to final settlement facilities
  • Multi-layer authorization facilities
  • User wise & information wise security facilities
  • Smooth Implementation process within short time
  • Auto Database backup from system
  • Dedicated 50 members support team for KORMEE
  • KORMEE Mobile App make HR operations easy and allows employees to manage their leave & attendance on-the-go.
  • KORMEE has a powerful & customizable dashboard for management that provide centralize information & monitoring, measurement & analysis of Business wealth.
  • Risk Analysis and regular database’s health checkup by Kormee support team.
  • KORMEE consumes the time and KORMEE facilitates/insures the “Paperless Job” from Employee’s Date of Joining to Final Settlement.
  • Time to time notification generated by system regarding various pending tasks, Increment schedule, Confirmation and others.