An ERP Solutions for Textile Industry

KANDAREE Textile Software is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. The textile and apparel industry is different from other manufacturing industries in a number of important respects. KANDAREE Textile is an integrated solution that covers the entire process of a Textile Industry.

Why KANDAREE Textile

· Flexibly customized Solution

· Easily fit the special needs of textile business.

· Scale to the changing size of textile business.

· Deem long lead times between purchasing raw material and delivering

· Consider industry related process complexity and variety

Basic Modules of KANDAREE Textile:

· Order Mgt and MRP

· Documentary Credit Mgt.

· Procurement Mgt.

· Inventory Management

· Fabric Production

· Fabric Cut Control

· Production Control

· Knitting & Dyeing

· Washing Mgt.