Kandaree BH


KANDAREE Buying House – An ERP Solutions for Buying House

An ERP Solutionfor Buying House Business, which helps Entrepreneurs & Staff stay in touch with forces that drive the business.


  • Handle Customer Inquiries
  • Effective Factory Capacity Management and Control
  • Tracks the complete life cycle of sample movement starting from placing a Sample Requisition with a Factory
  • Provides Critical Path for an Order and also task to do list for individuals
  • Allocates resources among all the Factories for monitoring Daily Production
  • Handles all the Operational finances of a Buying House concern
  • Handles all the functions of commercial activities like L/C management, Transfer L/C management, Packing Lists, Commission Invoicing, Commission Realization etc.

Basic Modules of KANDAREE Buying House


  • The Marketing Module handles all the order related activities that the Merchandisers carry out to execute an order, starting from Buyer Inquiries and Costing all the way to placing Orders with the Factories.

Specifically, it covers the following areas:

  • Buyer Inquiries
  • Quotation from Factories
  • Receiving Orders from Buyers
  • Placing Orders to Factories
  • Through this module, the Management can keep track of which orders are being placed to which factories.
  • It can also generate useful comparative rate analysis from different factories and also allow the Management to check historical data.

Time & Action:

  • Complete task level monitoring and Critical Path Analysis are handled through this module. Different templates with predefined tasks and relationships may be kept in the system.
  • The system provides enough flexibility to the user to create Templates for different product types – Woven, Woven with Wash, Knit, Sweater, etc. Upon attaching the templates at Style or Order level, the system populates the start & end dates against individual task.
  • Against the relevant predefined task for the Order, the concerned person assigned to the task needs to put the commitment date. System provides Critical Path for an Order and also “task to do” list for each individual employee and keeps track of the completion status. Any deviation on the Critical Path can be immediately picked up.
  • The system also sends out email reminders for upcoming critical tasks alerts for missed tasks. Through this module, the system provides some important information which is very much helpful for employees’ performance appraisal.

Planning & Production Accounting:

  • The Planning & Production Accounting module tracks the fabric and garment (and sweater) production in individual factory against the given Buyer Orders.
  • Daily production updates are also maintained in this module. Specifically for Buying House concerns, this module covers the following areas.
  • Resource Allocation by Order & Factory
  • Daily Production Update by Order, Factory & Production Process (Knit, Dye, Wash, Cut, Sew, Finish, etc.)
  • Inspection Update
  • Maintenance of Sample Register
  • Production Coordinator Evaluation
  • Specific IBL related activities, such as integration with M-Chart and following up of Critical Path, will be done through this module as well.

Cash Management:

This module handles all the operational finances of a Buying House concern. It is tightly integrated with Marketing and Production module so that information flow is seamless. The following areas will be covered through this module:

  • Raising of Commission Invoice
  • Keeping track of Commissions Paid
  • Budget Creation against Accounting Heads
  • Local
  • Foreign
  • Expenditure Requisition
  • Actual Expenditure Recording
  • Operation Fund Receive from Overseas

Reports Suite:

  • There are some built in reports which will be shared with the client at the onset of the project. Any additional report requirement can also be handled based on client specific needs.
  • At user level, with some level of SQL query understanding, the user with given access can also generate information in his/her own way.