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Since 1997 CslSoft has emerged as the leading software solution vendor in the financial management field with its flagship Accounting solution branded as Dheeraj™. It has already been successfully implemented both at home and abroad. Detail for DheerajTM is described below:

Functional area of the system:

General Ledger Module:

  • Petty cash
  • Import transaction from excel sheet
  • Provisional journal
  • Reversing journal of provisional entry
  • Non-cash transactions those are not related with subsidiary
  • Any adjustment within same supplier / buyer

Accounts Receivable Module:

  • Accurate management of customer records
  • Powerful transaction processing
  • Flexible cash recovery
  • Suppliers balance confirmation statement
  • Invoice wise aging of Receivables
  • Consolidated Receivable statement for a group of companies.
  • Print any statements without closing the year.
  • Accumulate customer statistics and retain that information for as long as you need it.

Accounts payable module:

  • Accurate management of vendor records
  • Powerful transaction processing
  • Flexible cash disbursement
  • Suppliers balance confirmation statement
  • Invoice wise aging of payables
  • Consolidated payable statement for a group of companies.

Operational advance:

  • Advance Requisition
  • Advance payment to employee for procurement / expenses
  • Advance adjustment based on approved requisition

Budget Management:

  • Yearly budget
  • Monthly budget
  • Weekly budget
  • Budget at any particular date
  • Budget against budget head, account head, cost center & activity level

Loan management: Long term or short term loan transaction based on different loan reference number and subsidiary ledger by reference number.

Major Features:

  • Batch process system: Transactions are entered under a system generated batch. Main purpose is to ensure internal check and minimize rectifying entry.
  • Batch post: Authority checks the entered data comparing with source information, post batch/transactions and then all GL & financial reports become updated.
  • Both side balance matching: At the time of transaction saving, system validates whether amount of debit & credit side are matched or not. Unmatched transactions are not allowed to process further.
  • Flexible multi segment account structure: Report can be generated for different segments.
  • Account head inactive: If management decides not to use any particular account, system allows to inactive that account.
  • Preserved historical data: System can preserve 10 years data.
  • Multi user: More than one user can enter data at a time.
  • Cost center based accounting: Project wise transaction keeping and reports are available.
  • Activity based accounting: Transaction can be maintained at activity level, like fuel expense by car number, telephone expenses by telephone number, etc.
  • Covering voucher: User will enter transaction from source data and get covering voucher that saves time used for hand writing voucher.
  • Data import: System can import transaction from a predefined excel sheet format. Transaction must be petty cash payment nature those are not related with subsidiary level like accounts payable, accounts receivable & term loan.
  • Data export: Any system generated report is possible to export in excel sheet.
  • Bank reconciliation: Same facility available that users do manually.
  • User access control: Authority can control user access in any entry screen. Once a user access, system allows that person to use all options.
  • Post dated cheque management: System captures all the post dated cheques and passes transaction in due date. User does not have need to memorize it.
  • Period lock: Authority can control transaction entry in one or more period by locking period.
  • No barrier to enter data for next year: System allows entering next year’s transaction without closing previous accounting year. Users are suggested to close previous year with in four months.
  • Report creation tools: System allows users to create different report template for balance sheet, income statement and notes to the financial statements.
  • Year closing process: System updates retained earnings account and clear all transactions related with income statement type.

Direct and indirect benefits to the users:

  • Flexible multi segment account structure.
  • Powerful budgeting capabilities.
  • Extensive comparative and historical data.
  • Financial reporting.
  • Multicurrency & Multi-user.
  • Ability to originating transaction in other modules.
  • Post dated cheque handling and transaction in due time.
  • Lease finance scheduling and transaction in due time.
  • Project, Building and Apartment based accounting.
  • On demand production of management reports.
  • Cost centre based accounting.
  • Activity based accounting.
  • Multi layer cost center
  • Scalability to integrate with other modules