Mobile APP



This app is the smart way to access and interact with the club from the palm of your hand. A Mobile App that keeps the Members in touch with club and it’s activities. It offers all communication from Club to Members and Members to Members. Club Mate is a single point contact with club for Communication, Facilities, Events, Club Info, Affiliations and many more.

Club Mate App is applicable for Android & iOS device for Club Members to interact with his/her club .The club will access to web application portal to Operate, Manage & Update all data online. All members will have a mobile app in their respective mobile phone. Each member can create four sub users (e.g. Spouse/Children).

Basic Features of Club Mate:


This consist contact & basic personal information about the honorable members of the club. By clicking on Directory from home page, user will get access to Members Directory. User will view the entire enlisted member of this app as per alphabetical order. To make customized search, user will find a menu bar (i.e. at left side top). “Type” wise members list is available in one touch. User could also search by typing name in search bar. By clicking on the member’s name user will get access to member’s profile. User can Call, SMS and email directly from here.

  • Contacts: Through this features Club Mate app user can Call and Email to contact with Club and club’s different type of facilities directly from here and also could visit Club’s Website.
  • Message: Clubs could circulate instant message regarding clubs events/notice. Members will get push notification of those messages. Member could view messages category wise after filtering “Message Category”.
  • Search: Members can be searched by Name, Membership A/C No, Area and Blood Group. For example user could write member name on ‘search box’ then click on ‘Search’ button.
  • Events: Events can be viewed by clicking on the “Weekly/Monthly” button and by left/right swiping of mobile’s touch screen. To check details just have to click on an Event from the list. Members will get push notification on upcoming events.


  • All available Club Facilities are listed here.
  • To view details need to click on a ‘Facility’ from the list.
  • To view facility information, click on ‘Info tab’
  • To view contact info for that Facility just click on ‘Contacts tab’
  • To view facility services including Rates/menu details, just click on ‘Services tab’


Members who have anniversary listed here. To see all the Members who have anniversary on the current day, Week or Month, simply require to click on the “Daily/Weekly/ Monthly” button. Concerned one could easily send wishes through SMS to individual or all members with a single click on “Send” button.


Members who have birthdays today are listed. To see all the Members who have birthdays on the current day Week or Month, simply click on the “Daily/Weekly/ Monthly” button. You can also send wishes through SMS to individual or all members with a single click on “Send” button.


All the Founder Members of Club are listed here. To view a Profile, click on a founder member from the icon.

EC (Executive Committee):

The Current Executive Committee Members are shown here. To view a Profile, have to click on specified EC member. User could find all Previous EC Committee details here.


  • Employees List of Club is shown in this page in respect of their Service, Designation, Department, Facilities and cell numbers.
  • To call an employee just requires a click on an employee from the list.
  •  Click on menu icon for “Employee Category” wise filtering.


All Clubs who have affiliations with Club is shown here. To view Details just to click on a club from the list.

My Profile:

From “My Profile” user’s will view Full Name, Date of Birth, Image, Marital Status, Family Info (Spouse/children), Home Address, Membership A/C No, Joining date to club etc are enlisted at a glance.

Docs (Documents) :

All important Club Documents could be attached here (e.g. Circular/Agreement/Terms & Conditions etc) in a PDF format. To read a particular document, simply click on a document from the list.

Check In:

User may write something on ‘message’ box (optional) and then click on ‘Check in’ option. For Check out, click on ‘Check Out’ option.  After Clicking on “View Checked In Member” user could find currently checked in Members’ list who are using this ‘Checked In’ Option. If user forgets to check out, the app will smartly check user out if member leave the Club premises.


From here user of the Club Mate will have below authority to do,

Log out

  • Reset Credential (Reset User name/Password)
  • Add New User (sub-user)
  • Clear Cache
  • Show Added User(s)


What is TIME & ACTION App

This app is actually an extension of our in-house developed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) product. The ERP has over 15 modules, of which Time & Action is one module in the ERP. Creation of Tasks, Orders and Assignees are all created in the ERP as part of the business process workflow. The TnA Mobile App will then allow the assignee of the tasks to browse and complete the tasks. It will also allow Top Management level Users to check the status of the Tasks.

Target Audience:

As mentioned above, the application is an extension of our ERP. The target audience of the mobile app is the Users of the ERP at the client installation. All Users are created in the ERP system. The Orders and Tasks are also created in the ERP. The Order specific Tasks are then assigned to the Users in the ERP system. Eventually, the Users will be viewing and updating the Tasks in the Mobile App.