PoriChitee is an Advanced Bio-metric Identification service to facilitate in protecting your Industry from employing Workers with Doubtful Identity.

PoriChitee is a service, offered to maintain Bio-metric Identification of Workforce for Manufacturing Industry. It is designed to facilitate in protecting your industry from employing workers with doubtful identity. Employing disguised worker may lead you to pay more for the same service. It.may also expose you to employ a workerwho has been classified by either your own factory or another factory. PoriChitee uses PalmSecure, an advanced Bio-metric Technology by Fujitsu Japan. PalmSecure is a step forward in Biometrie Technology, which goes beyond the surface and Authenticates the Identity on the basis of blood vein pattern recognition.

PoriChitee software is installed at the Factory Registration Center. It stores data to a Local Data Server at the Factory premise. Connectivity with a Global Server is also established for Global Verification. The application captures Bio-metric data for all the employees. The result of the Verification is notified to the designated person(s) by e-mail. Primarily, the Verification is done in Local Server; and subsequently, the same worker is verified in Global Server, where all the data of separated workers from different factories are stored. Result of the Global Verification is also notified to the designated person(s) for Decision Making.

Registration package includes. the Software Application, one Palm Vein seanner and Connectivity to Global Server. Additionally, a Computer with Webcam and Speakers is required at each Registration Station.

A Local Data Server (entry level Server or high end PC) is required centrally for storing all the Bio-metric data. Connectivity to internet is prerequisite for Global Data Verification.