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Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing (OUSHODHEE)

OUSHODHEE is a comprehensive ERP solution designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. Leading pharmaceuticals may leveraging OUSHODHEE to improve operational efficiency, increase employee productivity, and respond to market demands with agility. A Complete ERP Solution for Pharmaceutical Industry integrated with Financial Accounting. It helps medical officers to build relationships with the key contacts and follow-ups made with doctors, chemists, stockiest, distributors and pharmacies. Fast, easy to use and maintain this software enables instant mobile access to view updated data by the medical representatives. These thereby empowering teams to increase profitability through better customer relationship management


Budgeting & Production Planning:

Monthly and Product basis Sales forecast for next one year which can review in monthly or quarterly basis and Make the revision.

Based on Sales Forecast Production Planner Plans for every month production for each product.

Procurement & Commercial:

Based on Production Planning You will do batch Consumption of Raw Materials and Other Materials required for that batch for every product.

Based on that batch consumption System will generate procurement requirement and procurement department will raise purchase order.

Purchase Order will be two types one is local purchase Order and another is foreign purchase Order. For Foreign Purchase order LC is given to foreign supplier.


Based on Purchase Order Supplier Sends the goods and Goods are received at warehouse. Some Goods are quarantined and Send to QC Department for analysis.  After Getting Certificate of analysis from QC Department that is received at store.

Production Department raises Material requisition for Batch to Store and Store Issues goods against that Material requisition.

Quality Control:

Quality Control Department does department Type of analysis like Raw Material Analysis, Source Material analysis, Packing Material Analysis, Finished goods analysis, Microbiological analysis.


Production Data is captured at Different Stage of Production. After Passing Different Stages of production Stock Transfer Note is issued to Packing Department for packaging. After packaging is done it ready for cartooning and After Cartooning it is ready to Dispatch.


Delivery note is raised against customer sales Order.

Sales invoice is raised against Delivery Note.

Return, Bonus and FOC is also captured.

Sub Contract Management:

Sub Contract Management is known as Toll Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical industry which has a similar process flow like regular production but Goods are not procured for Inbound Toll Manufacturing and Agreed Service Charge have the financial impact.

Vat Management:

Mushak 4.3, Mushak 6.1, Mushak 6.2, Mushak 6.2.1, Mushak 6.3, Mushak 6.7, Mushak 6.8, Mushak 9.1

Mobile Ordering System Which Enables Field Force to send Order to central Office via android based mobile application.

Sales and Distribution System Which Covers Whole Sales and Distribution System including field force Management.

Mobile based electronic doctor call report System.

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