Activity Tracking is pivotal tool for any project management. In any schedule based industry, a well-planned and strictly-adhered activity tracking can prove to be quite an asset for the management. Activity Tracking refers to managerial tools that can be used to complete a certain task within the defined time frame. Simply put, it is a list of things that must be done, along with the time by which it should be done. In some industry Activity Tracking is known as Time and Action Plan or TNA.


Any goal oriented organization would plan and distribution tasks among the different employees and subsequently monitor it achieve the successes. This tool has been created to help the management for monitor and track the activity every by task to achieve the goal.


Complete task level monitoring by assignee is being handled through this system. Different templates with predefined tasks and relationships may be kept in the system. Upon attaching the templates with project, system populates the start & end dates against individual task. System allows assigning concern persons to the task and seeking the commitment date to start and end the task. System provides “task to do†list for each individual employee and keeps track of the task status. Through this module, the system also provides some important information which is helpful for managements to evaluate projects by key performance indicator (KPI).


Key features of the ACTIVITY TRAKING


My Task Window


This is window in user desktop. Here a user can see his/her today’s task to be completed. User also can see the new task assign to him/her by higher authority with planned start date and finish date. Here the user needs to give the committed start date and target finish date. With committed start date the system will plots the time line of the project accordingly. The user will update the task when completed.


Users are also notified forth coming task by the system by setting an option in the system. System also reminds user for overdue task. System can be setup for escalate the overdue task notification to upper stream.


Project Task Management


The offers a platform for creating task list of the full cycle of the project. When task is created the user can define its dependencies to other task. A task can also be tagged with quality check parameter which will assure that the task has been completed at certain level of quality standard. User can assign individual employee who will be responsible to perform the task. Multiple tasks can be grouped in a template. There could be multiple templates to address different scenarios.


Project Monitoring

When a project starts, a template is attached with the project. The system plots the calendar days from the project kick off date. It gives a big picture of the project time line from start to finish date. This time line revised as per the commitment date. System assists to complete the job in time by notifying the committed person by reminding the forthcoming committed tasks and also any overdue or delayed tasks.  System also escalates the notification to higher level if any task is incomplete. Using the system one will never be at adverse situation as long as any exceptional notifications are taken care diligently. Medium of notification can by mail or by SMS. A powerful report suit is also attached with the application.


Report Suite


We can provide the overall task list with status, department wish task list with status, employee wish task list with status and according to employee task status their KPI (Key performance indicator) report.


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  • SAP Business One