Module for sales & credit realization management

Main Features
Detail client information database.
Client related activity management.
Sales & Credit realization issues handled.
Provides reports on sales & collection of individual clients or for the projects as a whole.
Forecasting on collection is available.
Integrated with Accounting software in payment related issues.
Keeps, organizes and tracks sales & collection issues.
Automated generation of letters for clients with dues & overdue.
On demand production of relevant reports.

Concept behind
Sales executive records the basic information of customers.
Next response activity with client is marked for each client.
Project wise units (Apartments, commercial shops etc) are entered with size & brochure price.
Capturing of different client proposed payment condition for an Apartments, commercial shops etc & comparison with other clients proposed payment condition.
Mature client/clients are attached with specific unit/units of apartment or shop.
A primary schedule is prepared for each booked client or client group, who will start paying their installments from a specific date.
The credit realization executives will collect the credits in different form of payment modes.
The realized value will get impacted on the accounts database.
Reports will reflect client related information, sales, comparative sales, realizations & comparative realizations.

  • KandareeBH
  • SAP Business One