PROJECT MANAGEMENT- (Module for Cost Control & Management.)

Main Features
Easy tool for creating project BOQ using real time data in rate analysis.
Reproduction of new BOQ for new projects in short period.
Provision for system generated requisitions & purchase orders with controlling from forecasted BOQ and process tracking mechanism.
Information on work completion.
Interface for testing the impact of price escalation of major items on project cost.
On demand production of management reports.

Concept Behind
Easy interface for creating BOQ (Bill of quantity).
Rules based on current construction practices are used.
Provision for creating Master BOQ for quick reproduction.
Item rates are updated manually within specified time span.
Contractor service rates are updated manually.
For a particular type of unit job some items & services will generate an analysis or Object. As an example: Cutting, shaping & tying of bars before casting.
One or more analysis will generate unit job called Task. As an example: Beam casting which includes bar placing, tying, molding, casting & curing of unit RCC work.

Upon multiplication of Task with actual amount of physical work will represent a particular task of that construction. As an example if Task for 1 cft slab casting is available then actual amount of casting multiplied by Task amount per unit will provide actual cost of casting work.
All tasks of a floor level will represent the construction cost of that level.
Summation of all Tasks used at project levels represents the BOQ of a project.
A master project BOQ can be created for easy and quick reproduction of BOQ for new projects.
Master BOQ will allow copying level wise tasks. So after copying the tasks, only the changes in task quantity & application of current rates will provide BOQ of the new project with refection of real time item & service rates.
Once created and finalized BOQ will be locked and can be changed by authorized persons only.
Provision for requisition generation from software while comparing the respective itemâ„¢s quantity fixed in BOQ and the quantity already approved and quantity in stock.

The effect of price escalation of a construction material on the remaining construction work can be evaluated from this software so that management decision becomes easier.
All requisitions & purchase orders will require approval from proper authority.
Upon approval from proper authority the purchase order will be visible to commercial department for purchase.
Subcontracts will be given to contractors, who will get the work orders attached with system generated task lists.
Full or partial payments will be allowed in with authentication and tracking of work completion.
The payable amount to contractors will automatically generate in the accounts module.

  • KandareeBH
  • SAP Business One