Land acquisition department receives proposal from prospective land owners or proposes to prospective land owners. The department visits the proposed land for feasibility survey and completes the analysis upon some predefined criteria. Afterwards they run through legal verification of that land. Financial analysis is done on the project. If all the criteria match then project is signed and procured through direct procurement or through joint venture.

Engineering and Architecture department produce drawings for approval from different authorities. Architectural and Structural designs and drawings are produced for construction. Estimation of physical work is worked out and upon it the engineering budget is completed. The budget contains rate analysis with real time data. Construction work starts. Material management is done through the controlled flow of requisition, purchase order and billing. Material requisitions are verified against budget and material stock. Requisitions, purchase orders and Bills are approved electronically by concerned departments before execution.

Project management ensures precise work schedules through execution of defined subcontracts mentioned in the budget. They also exercise financial analysis on under construction projects due to rise in material cost to take necessary decisions. Quality control is ensured through auditing and tracking systems.

Upon approval from authorities sales starts their activity. Saleable entities database is created. Prospective clients' database is created and each product is sold against a value with a specified realization schedule. Credit Realization department realizes against the amount finalized by Sales department. Upon approval, the realization installments and schedules are changed on request. Payments received through different channels are processed to Accounts. Upon acknowledgement from Accounts, the realization database is updated.   

Software generates reports on financial condition, project management, Store, sales, credit realization and Quality control.

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