Online Self-Service Module:

KORMEE contains comprehensive and user-friendly self-service module. Self Service Module helps in reducing paperwork and improving employee satisfaction by faster processing of various HR formalities. It also helps in reducing unnecessary calls to HR department.

Online Self-Service Module provides a Web-based interface that enables employees to view their profile in the company including General information, Attendance information, Salary information, Income tax details, Loan status, Leave balance, PF status, and much more. Employees are able to view & print the required reports as per given permission. There is e-mailing facility by which employees are able to send emails to HR department regarding any kind of query through Self-Service Module.

Online Leave Management:
Online Leave management system is an Employees Electronic Leave Management Service with real time leave applications and approvals through the use of web forms for effective leave management.

Allows employees to apply for leave online.

Allows managers and supervisors to approve or reject employees leave request from anywhere around the world via the web, thus saving time and increasing efficiency.

Employees can get up-to-date information of leave status.Provides leave scheduling & application, authorization or rejection, and leave cancellation for both full and half-day leaves.Email notification of leave application & approval/rejection to subordinates & supervisors.Simple & easy to use system that eliminates paper work and saves time and money.

Performance Appraisal :
CRA and KPI based Performance Appraisal Management that including Appraisal Cycle, Employee Appraisal, Configure, Goal Settings and more. It streamlines, improve and automate the complete performance management process.

Provident Fund Management:

A comprehensive solution is design and developed to automate a complete life cycle of PF transactions like detection of contribution, investments, profit calculation/ allocation to members etc. This module is integrated software taking care of total Business Management of PF Trusts.

PF module has built-in several security features towards risk Management. IT has the facility to eliminating data entry on subscription, loan repayment and avoiding the chances of reconciliation and mismatch. Other features are multi location companies, PF Subscriber Information, Subscription Accounting, Benefit Disbursal, Loan Management, Trust Accounting, and Investments Management. Administration module has the system control, menu control and other functional controls and facility to obtain custom reports according to the Trusts requirements

Manpower Planning :

In addition to the traditional hierarchy with definition of divisions, departments and other specific units, this module lets you define a grade wise hierarchy, as well as reporting hierarchy, detailing direct and indirect reporting relations between specific employees and supervisors. Extensive displaying capabilities and options are another helpful feature.

It is the basis to facilitate planning your manpower. It takes into consideration such manpower movements as recruitment, transfer, promotion etc. Plans can be defined in a variety of ways, with regards to timing and scopes, which can be company-wise, division-wise or other.
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