A Comprehensive Human Capital Management Software

There was a time when business and organisations hired people to fill vacant positions, A side from trying to match skill needs, employees gave scant thought to how each employee contributed to the organization's high level strategic objective. Today's Do more with Less paradox mandates that you extract the highest possible value from your workforce. That's why; more than ever, KORMEE make so much sense. With KORMEE, your organization is possible to optimized your human capital in many different ways, from consistently hiring the most qualified candidates to retaining the best and brightest employees.

Kormee is an application to facilitate the complex task of managing human resources. It has a powerful tool which enables user to manage personnel info, attendance, training, payroll, PF and income tax. Features can be tailor made too in order to suit specific needs.

Quick look:

  • Maintains employees relevant information in an efficient manner
  • Supports interface with barcode or other electronic time keeping devices
  • Contains manual attendance entry by exception
  • Tracks leave record, leaves requests and availability based on company policy
  • Pay roll processes with generation of pay slip
  • Calculates overtime pay as per company policy
  • Manages loan/advances against individual employee
  • Provident fund deduction statement by individual employee
  • Tracks disciplinary action taken against employee
  • Easy to use interface for employees
  • Maintain compliances
  • Manages employee files
  • Organizes employees, contracts, jobs, and tasks
  • Distributed workforce management
  • Real-time reports
  • Monitors internal economy

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