The Visual Productivity Monitoring System is designed for continuous performance monitoring of garment production floor. Garment production is a continuous process in a line. Qualities are being checked at the end of the line. Every line is given a target output by day and which needs be monitored by much shorter units of time so that measures can be taken in time to keep the product running in desired speed. There many dimensions of monitoring a production line such as monitoring by time scale, monitoring by skill level, monitoring by quality scale etc. The essence of establishing a monitoring system is to keep up all the monitoring units at upper level performance.

The layout of the solutions:

The display monitor will be placed on top of the QC table of every line hanged from the ceiling. The display will be connected through UTP CAT-6 Cable from Network Switch. The switch will be connected to the Data Server.

Data will be complied at the QC table on timely interval set by the management. Data will be collected by a data collector and be given to operator to enter the line productivity. As soon as the data are entered the display will show the updated data of the productivity for that particular line.

Following information will be displayed

DRISHTEE displays each line

Hourly Target Production Vs Actual Production

Calculates & Displays next our target production

Operating Efficiency & Efficiency Ranking

Hourly Rejection quantity & its Percentage

Generates Production Reports for Management

  • KandareeBH
  • SAP Business One