Order Management & Material Requirement Planning

Order Management & Material Requirement Planning


The primary users of this module are the Merchandisers. It starts with getting the inquiries from the buyer. Pre-Costing for buyer quotation is managed through this module, which is subsequently linked with the confirmed order from the buyer. The module helps in making the consumptions of Fabric, Trims and other related materials. The detail order break down is also being captured in this module. Based on consumption definition and order breakdown details, the system generates the Bill of Materials for the Order (BOM). On the basis of this BOM, subsequently, the Purchase Orders (PO) to the suppliers are raised from the system. The Proforma Invoice (PI) from the supplier is attached with the corresponding PO.

Besides Confirmed Orders, the system allows the Merchant to handle Projected Orders as well by Season and Style. Linked with Production Planning, the Merchant can make informed decision on how much Capacity s/he can commit to the Buyer.

System further allows the Merchandising Heads, Top Mgmt. and Department heads to conduct Order Progress Meetings through Kandaree, recording the anticipated critical problem areas and their solutions. Individual persons can then be assigned for the problem areas. After the Meetings, System facilitates following up on the problem areas in an Organized manner. Over period, the System gets enriched with a Knowledge-Bank specific to the Organization.

  • Pre-Costing Details by Costing Head: Know instantly how your quote is broken down by different Costing Heads - Fabric, Trims, CM, etc. This way, you will always know how you are affected by market price fluctuations of raw materials.
  • Revenue Generation over the years by Style Category
  • Profit Margin Pattern over time by Style Category
  • Material Requirement by Order (Style)
  • Status of Material by Order Requirement, Booked and In House: No last minute surprises. Know ahead of time where you stand in terms on Material Availability for Production Start.
  • Revenue and Profit Pattern by Buyer: Know which Buyers are more profitable for you so that you can focus on future Marketing Activity accordingly.
  • Available Production Capacity for future Seasons: Be proactive and offer Capacity to your Profitable Buyers ahead of Time. There will no longer be the risk of over committing; at the same time, any potential under capacity will be known ahead of time.
  • Improve your operational efficiency by working in a more structured manner through the Kandaree ERP System. Instant information sharing among concerned people greatly increases productivity and leads to increased efficiency in Order handling and management.
  • Merchants no longer need to chase interdepartmental personnel for accurate information for Order follow up. All related information is now readily available in the System and is simply a click away.
  • Leave the routine tasks and checks on the System so that you can focus on more Creative Avenues on the Marketing side.
  • Draw from the Knowledge-Bank that the System builds up based on the Periodic Order Progress meetings. For any new Order, you can now check what critical problems were faced for similar Orders earlier and how they were resolved.

Sample Management

The sample making process is managed and controlled through this module. The different kinds of samples are handled through a structured Sample Requisition process. All sample materials are received and tracked in the system by the Sample Requisitions raised by the merchants. The monitoring of the sample making is handled through Time & Action giving up to date status of all the sample requisitions. At any given point, the system gives useful information about the Sample Requisitions whether material has been received, whether sample making has started, whether sample making is running behind schedule, whether the samples have been submitted on time, etc. Upon completion of Samples, System allows printing unique Sample Tag ID for each Sample piece. This way, System tracks each individual sample that has been produced. Furthermore, Sample making history can be obtained instantly through the Tag ID.

  • Merchants can know instantly the status of Sample production through the System.
  • The Sample Material availability is transparent to all concerned personnel. Sample Makers no longer need to chase Merchants to find out the ETA of materials.
  • Individual Tag IDs allow Merchants to track and find the entire history of any Sample produced in the Organization. This allows the Merchant to quickly address any Buyer inquiries about submitted Samples.
  • Sample Room can make realistic Sample Production Load based on Material ETA and Sample Deadline. This enables them to give more realistic commitment to the Merchants.
  • All Buyer Feedback and Reworks are recorded in the System. You can now find out instantly your Organization’s Sample Making efficiency and take appropriate measures.
  • Compiled Sample Feedback for different Sample Types highlights the potential critical areas with possible solutions to the Production Managers when they go for bulk production.
  • Get Cost and Productivity (SAM) feedback from Sample Room regarding the Style. This helps Merchants to negotiate more effectively with the Buyer.

Time & Action

Complete task level monitoring and Critical Path Analysis are handled through this module. Different templates with predefined tasks and relationships may be kept in the system. The system provides enough flexibility to the user to create Templates for different Product Types and Order Lead Times Woven, Woven with Wash, Knit, Sweater, etc. Upon attaching the templates at Style or Order level, the system populates the start & end dates against individual task. Against the relevant predefined task for the Order, the concerned person assigned to the task needs to put the commitment date.

The system provides Critical Path for an Order and also task to do list for each individual employee and keeps track of the completion status. Any deviation on the Critical Path can be immediately picked up. The system also sends out email reminders for upcoming critical tasks and alerts for missed tasks. Through this module, the system provides some important information which is very much helpful for employees  performance appraisal.

  • Different Predefined Task Templates can be maintained by Buyer, Style Category, Lead Time, etc. When Orders are confirmed, appropriate Template can be attached to easily create the required Tasks.
  • Assigning Order Tasks to Employees ensures no task is left unattended.
  • An Employee can see and act upon all his/her Assigned tasks from one single place.
  • Regular follow up reminders from the System ensures that no task is left unattended which goes a long way to completing an Order on time.
  • System facilitates the Top Management to intervene on Critical Tasks before they go beyond manageable state.
  • Top Management can easily check the status of all Tasks for an Order, thus enabling them to address Buyer inquiries about existing Orders.
  • On time Completion of Assigned tasks by Individual Employee can be reflected in the Employee's Performance Appraisal.
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