Knitting and Dyeing Process Management

This module is used to track the complete fabric production flow of Knit industry. The module is tightly integrated with the Garmenting module so as to handle the composite knit scenario. The system keeps track of the fabric production by individual rolls/bags. The different stages of the fabric starting from Yarn to Dyed Yarn to Griege Fabric to Finished Fabric are maintained and monitored in the system.

The requirement of the fabric comes from the Order Management module where the merchants raise the fabric requirement, based on the marker plan. In the system, the fabric department then determines the Greige fabric requirement and the Yarn requirement. The Yarn procurement is also handled from here.

Once the yarn is procured, the complete fabric production is tracked in the system. The system maintains the production status/update of all the rolls/bags for all the sub¬processes in the fabric production (starting from Knitting to Dyeing to Finishing). The system also maintains the roll information by Dye Batch number. Subsequently, the fabric is delivered to Garmenting for cutting by the Dye batch number. This ensures that there is minimal shade variation.

The system gives the users complete control over fabric production and integrates it with the Garmenting unit. This enables material reconciliation of the entire order starting from yarn procurement, knitting of greige fabric, dyeing of finished fabric, issue to cutting, actual cutting, sewing production and shipment of garments. The module is also tightly integrated with the Sewing Production Planner which makes it possible to keep the fabric production in sync with the Sewing production plan.

  • KandareeBH
  • SAP Business One