Washing Process Management

The scope of the washing module is to handle and streamline the relevant operational processes of washing activities.

Initially the washing unit gets the order either from in-house sewing production facility or from external factories.

The relevant information of the orders having washing requirements is separately maintained in this module. If you want to run the module in an integrated environment with the Sewing Order Management module then the information can be pulled here from the upstream functionalities, meeting certain preconditions.

The system maintains the recipe information in details, which facilitates to determine the chemical requirements by the system against each batch. Here you can also control the number of batches that can use the recipe.

Once you put the relevant washing scheduling information, system does the scheduling and provides you the planning for all the orders that are registered into the system. You can mention your machine preference by order. Taking into consideration all the critical parameters, system uses the available capacity in an optimized manner. Based on this process you can see when a particular order is going to be completed as well as when each machine is becoming free.

Based on the machine scheduling and the garment receipt status, system planned the batch to be created. By each batch system provides the Job Card. Job Card mentions all the process to be followed and the chemical items require for the batch. Portion of the Job Card becomes the chemical requisition slip. The store people just have to deliver the items based on the system given requisition. If one takes the Inventory Module, item requisition by batches flows to the Inventory module the issue person just has to tick the items upon delivering the item and at the system generates the Issue Chalan.

The actual production is also captured into the system. Receipt, Return, Delivery, External Issue all are managed through this system. As a result the entire production accounting of the Washing functionality is ensured in an effective manner.

  • KandareeBH
  • SAP Business One