Fabric Cut Control for Woven and Knitt Factory

Fabric Cut Control

For Knitting Factory
The purpose of this module is to facilitate the Fabric Control in the production process. The main challenge of composite Knit setup is to maintain the efficient use of fabric. In Knit Garments the fabric is manufactured in terms of weight and the ultimate use of it (cutting) is dependent on length. The module, in a systematic manner, manages the process, resulting in efficient use of fabrics. Based on the reconciliation information, the user can take appropriate decision in reducing the possible fabric wastage.
System gives projection of cutting quantity, combining Marker information and the Roll details. It brings material usage visibility much earlier to get better control in having unnecessary left over quantity of fabrics in grey or finished form.

For Woven Factory
For Woven setup the Fabric Control starting from Roll receipt. System allows receiving Fabric by rolls which enables tracking each Roll. After grading the fabric by roll in terms of Shrinkage and Color Shading, QC is done. Only the QC passed quantities are available for use. Roll wise Receipt & Issue of fabric is registered here and internally linked to Inventory Module.
This module helps with the planning and execution of markers. The system keeps detailed Marker information which is subsequently used for Lay Plan.
The most critical success factor of whole garment manufacturing operation is having an effective Cut Control. This module will allow the production staff to prepare their cut plan and also help schedule the cut program. While making the Cut Plan, the system picks the relevant Marker(s). System assigns the relevant rolls against each Lay plan and projects number of plies to cut End Bits length, etc. And at the same time, it produces the Roll(s) to issue requisition for store. The information is electronically passed to Store Module and the store people are restricted to only issuing the roll according to Lay Plan. Features are given to handle the Cut Plan with end bit fabrics.

  • KandareeBH
  • SAP Business One