The present CslSoft started its operation as a software department of CSL (Computer Solutions Ltd.). From the very first day in the year 1985 the promoters has the vision and philosophy to create an environment with-in the country where the local resources in a team with their inherent intellectual and merit will produce state-of-art world class software products for the country and as well as for the international market. The knowledge, technology and vision of a software development house can not be achieved in a short course of time. For such one has to grow with these for years. The team, CslSoft has experience many phases of technological changes in its growth. All these changes were incorporated in due time to build our own skill and bring changes in today's metropolitan life style.

With the growing need for customized software the team also started growing in its number of members. At one time it was felt that an exclusive environment is required for proper research and development, for production of technology oriented software and preparing the team for software export jobs. With the same leadership initial transformation was made form a department of CSL to an independent company call CSL Software Resources Ltd. (CslSoft), in the year of 1996. And later in 1998 it was incorporated as a 100% software development private limited company. Over the years CslSoft has grown from four developers to fifty six member team.

Over years CslSoft has created software products working deeply in specific industries business vertical. The major focus was to come out with very detail industry specific product. CslSoft has been building its products to make it market ready for years. One of the strategic planning was to work with limited client for real life tune up and shape up the product for different market reality. Our strategy blended with through domain knowledge has been the key successes factor for CslSoft to bring out its products which became the market leader.

Along with the robust products CslSoft has developed an independent team of business process experts to provide implementation consultation at different sites. The team has been able to successfully shorten the time of implementation and also make the value proposition very clear to our customer. CslSoft believes that a satisfied customer is always a good sales lead. The applications are sold mostly by client references which have given CslSoft a market access beyond borders. CslSoft has its client base in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Bahrain, Egypt and India.

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